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Harcourt Science Grades K-5  
The Harcourt Brace website offers activities and  useful information to support the Harcourt Science textbooks.

NASA Kids Information
Related to flight, outer space, and the space program, including careers, quizzes and activities.

The Nine Planets
Photos and information on the nine planets in the solar system, with historical information. The mythological origins of planetary names are also included.

Astronomy for Kids
Created by students for the ThinkQuest competition, this site provides information on astronomy, and a virtual telescope to use to look at the planets and constellations

Information on monarch butterflies, time, space exploration, and much more.

Nutrition Café   Information on nutrition, the FDA Food Pyramid,  a glossary, and dietary guidelines.

Information about ocean animals, fun facts, career resources, conservation, animal sounds, ecosystems, and more.

Middle School

CyberFair Sources
for information and links to science fair projects

Tons of great experiments and ideas for science fairs!
Life Science

Look inside the Human Body
Explanations of the human body, its parts and systems.

Kids Health
Useful health information for kids, including medical terms, a hospital stay, and braces.

4 Girls Health 
Information on health, nutrition, fitness, drugs, bullying, and other topics of interest to teenage girls.

Dive and Discover Expeditions to the Oceans
Join scientists as they dive to the mid ocean ridge, thousands of meters deep, to discover strange animals and plants, underwater volcanoes, and steaming vents in the ocean floor.

Descriptions and pictures of the kinds of  animal and plant cells, and a virtual microscope where students can view slides of plant cells.

Life Science Resources
Resources and links for botany, cell biology, genetics, medicine, microbiology, physiology, zoology, and more.

Science Topics 
General science information, including plants, animals, classification, the human body, life cycles, chemistry, physics, technology, and electronics, with study guides.

Images of viruses which can be accessed by name, structure, or disease.

Gondor Design Biology
Links to simplified descriptions and diagrams of cells, plants, the heart, blood, the digestive, respiratory and nervous systems, hormones, muscles, genetics, and more.

Physical Science

Physical Science Hotlist 
Links to chemistry sites, including the science of cooking, the history of chemistry, atomic structure, and a periodic table.  Additional links take you to experiments, physics, biographies of scientists, and the science of optics.

The Laws of Planetary Motion 
A short history,  description and diagrams of Kepler’s Laws of Planetary Motion,

WWW Virtual Library of Physics 
Links and information on the various physics topics, including plasmas, lasers, acoustics and biophysics.

Links to online chemistry textbooks, help with chemistry homework, experiments, virtual labs,  atoms,  organic chemistry, the periodic table, heat, gas laws, and more.  Created by students in the ThinkQuest competitions over the years.

Earth Science

Information on the solar system, deep space, space exploration, and more.

Links to sites on the solar system, space exploration, stars, and the universe, created by students in the ThinkQuest competitions over the years.

Hurricane Hunters 
Home page of the 53rd Weather Reconnaissance Squadron of the US Air Force. A great site for information on hurricanes.

Tornado Project
Information about tornados, from folklore to storm chasing and current research.

The Rock Cycle 
An illustrated description of the rock cycle, including weathering,  erosion, heat, cooling, melting and compaction.  Includes a link to the water cycle and plate tectonics..

Geologic Time  
Information on the age of the earth, and the various geologic time periods.

Dinosaur Omnipedia
Diagrams of geologic ages, lists of dinosaurs, maps of where dinosaurs lived,  and a dictionary of terms.

The Geology Wing of the UCMP online Exhibit halls
Information and pictures of geologic time periods, plate tectonics, paleontology, and an online glossary.

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
Provides information on many topics, including air quality, climate, coasts, the ocean and whales, tsumanis,

Information about the animals that live in the ocean. Colorful pictures and quick information, some interactive pages.

Ocean Planet
The Smithsonian’s online collection of ocean image includes an animated tour under the Pacific and information about ocean plants and animals.

General Science

The History of Science
Links to the history of astronomy, Nobel Prize winners, turning points in the history of science, physics, individual biographies, and more.

The Internet History of Science Sourcebook
The history of science outlined, with links to primary source documents.

The Mad Scientist Library
A good place to start looking for Internet information on science topics.  Includes information  and links on anatomy, astronomy, biochemistry, botany, cell biology, earth science, engineering, the environment, genetics, and more.

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